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August 19, 2011

Tourism In Bhutan 

The Royal Government of Bhutan strongly follows the principle and policy of Low volume / high value tourism. Which means it believes and practice on the principle of sustainability – whereby tourism must be environmentally and ecologically friendly, socially and culturally acceptable and economically viable.

The Royal Government of Bhutan recognizes that tourism is a world wide phenomenon and an important means of achieving Socio-economic development particularly for countries like Bhutan.

In order to achieve the tourism principle and objectives, the Government since the start of tourism industry in 1974, has adopted a cautious approach to growth and development of tourism in Bhutan. In order to minimize the problem, the number of tourist has been maintained at a manageable level and this control on number is exercised through a policy of Govt. regulated tourist tariff and a set of administrative requirement.

Visiting Bhutan 

All visitors to Bhutan are required to book through a registered tour operator in Bhutan. This can be done directly or through a travel agent abroad. However, It is usually best to book the tours directly through the tour operator to avoid agent commission.

The tour operator in Bhutan will arrange and handles all programme such as visa processing, hotel accommodation and all other ground arrangements.


Visitors and guests are given accommodation in a Government approved hotels and resorts. The Tourism Council of Bhutan has rated these hotels in star categories with respect to the facilities available.


All ground transportation with driver are arranged by the local tour operators and the fees are usually included in the overall tour package cost.The operators use Japanese Imported Coaster bus or luxury SUV vehicle.


With exception to Indian and Bangladesh nationals. All visitors to Bhutan requires a visa. visa can only be issued to the guest after tour package cost is deposited in advance to the Tourism Council accounts through the local tour operator. Visa processing is done by the tour operator prior to 1 month of travel dates. A letter of Visa approval will be sent to the guest by the Bhutan Tour operator with whom the tour is booked and the actual visa will be stamped on the passport upon arrival at the Airport. A copy of Passport and a scanned passport size photograph is required by the local tour operator for visa processing.


The minimum tariff for tourist visiting Bhutan in a group of 3 persons or more are as follows:(W.E.F 1st Jan. 2012)

High season tariff ( March, April, May, September,

October and November) : US$ 250 per person per night halt)

Low season tariff: (January, February, June, July, August and December) : US $ 200 person per night halt)

The minimum daily tariff shall be inclusive of the following :

a) Government Royalty

b) Charges for accomodation in Govt. approved Hotels /Resorts

c) All foods (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner ) including Tea and snacks.

d) All transportation within Bhutan including Airport pickup and transfer.

e) Guide service


Individual tourists and smaller groups of less than 3 persons shall be subject to surcharge, over and above the minimum daily rates applicable.

Single individual : US $ 40 per night

Group of 2 persons : US $ 30 per night


a)Diplomats from foreign embassies/missions accredited to Bhutan shall be given 25% discount on daily rates.

b) There shall be no charge for children up to the age of 5 years. Children between 6 and 12 years old and accompanied by elders/guardians shall be given 50% discount on daily rates.

c) Full time students below the age of 25 years with valid identity card from their institutions shall be given 25% discount on daily tariff.

d) A discount of 50% on daily rates shall be given to 1 person in a group of 11 – 15 people. Similarly 100% discount shall be given to 1 person in a group exceeding 16 people.


Entry points in to Bhutan are by road through Phuentsholing and Samdrupjongkhar in the South (Border with India) or by Air in Paro. Druk Air, the National carrier connects to the following Destination:

Bangkok (Thailand)

Dhaka   (Bangladesh)

Kathmandu (Nepal)

Delhi    (India)

Kolkota  (India)

Bagdogra (India)

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November 26, 2009


Hello world!

November 24, 2009

There is so much of warmth in the fresh, cool and typically Bhutanese air that you will breathe when you travel to Bhutan. Your Bhutan tours and travel will be completely different as compared to other countries. Most of the other countries   offer their architectural cultural, traditional beauties. But Bhutan besides having a unique and different culture and traditions has, its natural beauty, which we as Bhutanese, are committed to conserve the authenticity of a truly natural system. In cities and hamlets across the kingdom, the people live a way of life that is rich in tradition and steeped in the age-old system of hospitality. The pristine state of environment; the vibrant tradition and culture and the kindness of the people are some of the long-lasting impressions that visitors to the kingdom have cherished after their stay in the kingdom. The country has also not shied from the good that modernity has to offer. It is this ability of the Bhutanese people that fascinates the visitor.
Thus this tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, sandwiched between the two Asian giants, China and India, is considered the top tourist destination by many travel magazines. Bhutan receives a very few number of Tourists every year as compared to all other countries because it maintains its principle of low volume and “high value” Tourism so as to sustain a very fragile ecosystem and Buddhism based culture and traditions.

As the number of visitors travelling to Bhutan has increased, the quality of services rendered by all tour operators have undoubtedly improved. Experience has gained power and so has the mentality of Bhutanese to satisfy their customers (Tourist and visitors). We, Medieval Bhutan Tours, under the wings of the Tourism Council of Bhutan, will fulfill all your needs and aspiration for your Bhutan Travel and Tours.
One can completely enjoy a new experience just in stepping on the Bhutanese terrain. Many interesting things are to be unveiled yet. You are the one to pull the shades and ad quire a full new sense of beauty.


The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is unique and exotic destination to Travel. We Medieval Bhutan Tours will make your Bhutan Travel, an adventurous and thrilling experience.  So much has been said, written and read about Bhutan but your visit to this exotic destinations will remain a personal experience that will last a lifetime. Its ancient cultures, deep-rooted traditions, absorbing history, natural beauty, wondrous architecture, awe-inspiring palaces and forts add new dimensions to the pleasures of travel and vacation. The sights, both natural and man-made are beautiful and unforgettable. The Taktsang“Tiger’s Nest” in Paro, Beautiful Punakha Dzong and Memorial Stupa in Thimphu with exquisite sculptures and carvings are considered work of art and masterpieces.

Medieval Bhutan Tour, Bhutan Travel has been in the tour and travel business for a year. Our mission is to continually strive for excellence by offering the best value and service to our clients.  We have extensive experience in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan and specialize in extraordinary adventure, discover the majestic beauty and the rich cultures of Bhutan  Medieval Bhutan Travel. We offer expanded packages and special customized Festival and cultural Tours. Each of our tour packages is designed with great degree of flexibility to meet the budget and expectations of individuals or groups. OurTreks are fully equipped with the best of gears with the support of the most experienced tour leaders and crew. We carry our own supplies and provisions to ensure quality food and comfortable accommodations that meet our high standards. Our local Tour Guides are among the best and the most experienced in culture, religion, history andgeography of the region. They will guide you through unique places of cultural and historic significance and share with you interesting folklores, legends, myths and superstitions of the local people. We will make all of your arrangements, from choosing the right trip including air travel and trip extensions, until you depart from Bhutan. We provide you the highest quality of service, to assure you have a wonderful holiday in the Himalayas. Medieval Bhutan Travel enjoys the reputation as a first-class travel service provider known for its reliability and excellence in service with meticulous attention to details. We customize tours and treks to meet the needs of individuals and group with special areas of interests. Travel with us, our knowledgeable travel executives will strive to make your vacation a memorable one.

Here you will find the finest collection of tour packages. We are confident that you will find a package that meets your expectations. If not, we will customize a package just for you.

Whether your are a seasoned world traveler or one who will venture for the first time into the fascinating exotic destinations, travel with Medieval Bhutan Travel which has been in business for years, a company that is suggested by several prestigious guide books, numerous seasoned world travelers and knowledgeable professional travelagents.We are licensed with Tourism Council of Bhutan, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Royal Government of Bhutan. we are also executive member of ABTO (Association ofBhutanese Tour Operators).